Plant Near Rock

Photograph by Andya Tellez

For National Geographic's Appalachian Trail Photo Camp 2008, high school students documented a Northern Virginia stretch of this storied mountain path and those who work to conserve it. The workshop, held in August, was presented in partnership with the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, an affiliate of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The conservancy is a volunteer-based group dedicated to conserving the natural resources, cultural legacy, and recreational aspects of the trail—a 250,000-acre (101,170-hectare) greenway running from Georgia to Maine. The workshop culminated in a multimedia show documenting the students' experiences.

This gallery presents images made during the workshop paired with each photographer's thoughts on the environment and conservation. Here, a shot by student Andya Tellez shows a plant growing near a lichen-covered rock.

“I think it’s true in some cases [that young people aren’t connected to nature],” says Photo Camp participant Andya Tellez. “Young people who care more about material things won’t care about nature at all. But there are also kids that aren’t that material and are more into nature. So, I would say it’s true, but it's not the case with all the young people in the world.”