Dog on its Back

Photograph by Rob Madden

“Nature. The very sound of the word makes the body warm and the birds sing,” says Photo Camp participant Rob Madden. “It is the life and breath of the Earth, the mother of all animals, the caretaker of the young and old alike. This heavenly force should be radiated through all its offspring, but, despite that joyous ideal, it is not the case. In general, humans seem ungrateful of their mother, commonly disregard their roots, and replace her with their own pseudo-nature. One might ask, 'Who can reject nature and love this false production? Who is so unsatisfied with the most beautiful power ever known that they will make a cold, listless machine to surrogate it?' The answers vary. The older generation blames the young, while the young generation blames the old. One thing is for sure, both are to blame and both should be ashamed.”