Horse Silhouette

Photograph by Haley Schultz

“I think that young people today are in a way connected to nature,” says Photo Camp participant Haley Schultz. “Even though some kids are playing video games or getting on Facebook or texting most of the time, we are still going outside and interacting with our environment. We play sports, ride horses, and even come to camp to show that we are involved with our surroundings.

"A lot of adults consider us as being unconnected to nature because we have a lot of pressure put on us like schoolwork and jobs, and we can’t really be involved with it as much as we would like. But if people could actually take like 20 minutes out of their stressful day to help outside in the community or even make the choice to walk a few more steps and throw their bottles and cans in the recycling bins instead of the trash can, then they would be doing a lot for the environment.”