Cenotes, Chichén-Itzá, Mexico

Photograph by Jack Paulus, My Shot

Caves can be very hard to shoot. Challenges include locating the spot with the most interesting elements and the need to return to a certain place over and over.

In this shot, the combination of the warmly lit stalagtites and stalagmites, the intense turquoise of the water, and the curious stone "jetty" create a dynamic and intriguing setting. (You don’t always have to bring along flashes, as caves open to the public are often lit to highlight the most dramatic rock formations.)

As with most successful photographs, there’s a single element that makes this one captivating: the shaft of light coming down from the roof of the cave. Sometimes you have to go back again and again to capture that remarkable detail that makes the shot sing. It’s the light beam and the circle of light on the water that gives this image an almost religious quality.—Catherine Karnow

Photo Tip: You may have to return again and again to a certain spot to capture that special quality of light that transforms a photograph from ordinary to enchanting.