Summer Skiing in Montana's Beartooth Mountains

Photograph by Max Lowe

Getting the Shot

“When I saw this shot happening in my video feed, I knew I had to grab a few still shots as well,” recalls photographer and National Geographic Young Explorer Max Lowe, who filmed and photographed his 400-mile dirt-road trip with Brody Leven and Graeme MacPherson for our blog series "Montana by Dirt."

Local Beau Fredlund showed them how to find prime midsummer skiing in the Beartooth Mountains. Racing the afternoon storms, the trio was scouting for skiing options and filming the terrain. “We had scrambled up this pretty loose ridgeline to get at the chutes we were looking to ski and had topped out on a nice high point, where I was standing to shoot this,” says Lowe. Between the fleeting sunlight, Lowe captured this dramatic still in the Beartooth Mountains.

Throughout the trip Lowe was focused on video as well as stills and constantly sought balance between the two. “Shooting stills puts fire to my creative soul a little bit more, because for me I can recognize a beautiful and well-executed still image from the moment I take it.”

Lowe photographed with a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor 70-200mm, f/2.8 lens.