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    Watch: Tornado Crosses Highway

    Tim Samaras Catches Huge Kansas Storm on Camera

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More About Tornadoes

  • <p>Photo: Doppler On Wheels (DOW) radar truck during storm</p>

    Chasing Tornadoes

    Follow members of a National Geographic team as they careen into the hearts of storms and take a closer look at tornadoes and the phenomenal forces that drive them.

  • <p>Photo: Cracked asphalt</p>

    Interactive: Forces of Nature

    Create your own tornado and see the effects reverberate throughout the land.

  • Illustration: a tornado; "Brainteasers" text

    Brainteaser: Tornado

    How much do you know about these dangerous storms? Test your twister smarts.

In the News

Tornado Talk

National Geographic Weekend Interview

Meteorologist Mark Bogner talks about storm chasing.