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GREEN GUIDE Softcover, 448 pages. October 2008.

Paper or plastic? Organic or conventional? In a world that is rapidly going "green," how does the average person make decisions that are smart for the family—and good for the planet? The Green Guide is here to help, with the concepts and choices for Earth-conscious living.

Presented in concise, information-packed chapters, this timely resource touches on every aspect of our lives, from grocery shopping to housecleaning to work, travel, and investing—enabling consumers to make informed decisions and simple changes that impact the planet in big ways.

Easy-to-follow information and hundreds of fascinating sidebars, fact boxes, and other key elements recommend how you can replace unhealthy and environmentally damaging practices and products with more wholesome, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Neither scholarly nor scare-mongering in tone, the lively text has been written in partnership with a board of noted experts—offering readers the most authoritative, engaging, comprehensive, and in-depth reference of its kind.

Green Guide Families book cover


GREEN GUIDE FAMILIES Softcover, 400 pages. March 2010.

Building on the success of The Green Guide, called "the ultimate green living reference" by Meryl Streep, here’s a guide to eco-friendly parenting that’s expertly organized and filled with practical advice, definitive explanations, and imaginative ideas.

Addressing the key environmental issues faced by parents of young children today, this book takes a straightforward approach to such urgent concerns as lead-painted toys; the risks and benefits of vaccinations, antibiotics, and vitamins; the potential side effects of plastic bottles and containers; how to manage food allergies and avoid fat- and sugar-filled snacks; and much more.

A trained scientist, seasoned writer, and mother of two small children, author Catherine Zandonella combines knowledge and experience as she helps parents guide youngsters through a society that doesn’t always make green lifestyle choices easy. She also offers sensible advice on raising children who "think green" right from the start and shows how green choices can actually cost less.

Combining two trusted names with tried-and-true advice, this is the go-to guide for a new generation of green parents.


“The book offers guidance on making environmentally sound decisions about food, health, clothing, home décor, toys, toiletries, travel and play activities.” –The Denver Post

“A handy resource…it addresses—with solid information and a thoughtful manner—myriad health and environmental concerns that can bombard parents at every turn.” –Arkansas Democrat Gazette