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    Bike Buying Guide

    Find the Right Green Machine

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  • Photo: Elephants gathered at a water hole in Kenya

    133 Places Rated

    Our sixth annual geotourism survey rates 133 travel destinations for sustainability, authenticity, and experience.

  • Geotourism

    Learn about a new way of travel that combines the pleasure of tourism with the preservation of our world's distinctive places.

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    Intelligent Travel

    Fresh, fun, and consistently award-winning. This is your brain on travel.

  • Photo: Man running along Lake Michigan city skyline

    Chicago: America's Green City

    A breath of clean air revitalizes a Midwestern metropolis.

  • A silver Tesla Model S electric car in California

    Photos: Electric Cars Hit the Road

    The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, both launching into production, lead an array of electric cars into a market that analysts see as eager for an alternative to oil-fueled transport.

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The Great Energy Challenge

  • Photo: Aerial view of a city at night

    What Is It?

    An initiative to help you understand our current energy situation.

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    Personal Energy Meter

    See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home could do tons to protect the planet.

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The World's Water

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    Help Save the Colorado River

    NG's new Change the Course campaign launches. When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin.

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    Water Grabbers: A Global Rush on Freshwater

    A special series on how grabbing water from poor people and future generations threatens global food security, environmental sustainability, and local cultures.

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