• The Great Energy Challenge

    The Great Energy Challenge

    The National Geographic initiative is a call to action to become actively involved, to learn more and do more—to change how we think about and consume energy so that we can all help tackle the big energy questions.

  • The Case of the Missing Carbon

    The Case of the Missing Carbon

    Burning fossil fuels, humans pump CO2 into the atmosphere. Fortunately, plants and ocean waters gather it in. But what if this great recycling system went awry?

  • Gallery: Antarctica Warming

    Gallery: Antarctica Warming

    Global warming is melting Antarctica's ice—and threatening its wildlife. Take a look at this remote area under threat.

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  • water-grabs-mali-4x3.jpg

    A Global Rush on Freshwater

    A special series on how grabbing water from poor people and future generations threatens global food security, environmental sustainability, and local cultures.

  • <p>Photo: Alpine Flowers, Hooker Valley, New Zealand</p>

    Meltdown: The Alps Under Pressure

    Long a social hotspot, Europe's winter playground is now warming up for real.

  • <p>Photo: Geothermal power plant in Reykjavik, Iceland</p>


    Learn more about these underground reservoirs of steam and hot water that can be tapped to generate electricity or to heat and cool buildings directly.

  • Photo of dusty, fallow land near Avenal, California.

    Dust and Drought

    In California, a love-hate relationship between dust and snow may have surprising effects on the state's water supply.

  • <p>Photo: Wind mills</p>

    Interactive: Harness the Power of Wind

    Engineer your own turbine and find out for yourself whether or not the answer to our clean energy problem is blowin' in the wind.

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