There Is No Substitute for Water

Photo: A pond in West Java

The Freshwater Initiative

Join us on a multi-year global effort to inspire communities to conserve freshwater and the extraordinary diversity of life that rivers, lakes, and wetlands sustain.Learn More »

  • Photo: A pond in West Java
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Megafish and Zeb Hogan

Megafishes Project

The Megafishes Project represents the first worldwide attempt to document and protect the planet's freshwater giants. Learn more about these endangered fish.


Water News

From dams in Patagonia and drought in Pakistan to the business of nuclear cooling and the H20 footprint of a beer, visit National Geographic News' special series on the world's water challenges.

  • A Mekong giant catfish

    Stories From the Field

    From rainwater harvesting in one Indian village to an aggressive conservation program in an American city, communities around the world are finding ways to manage the water demands of growing populations and expanding economies. Read their stories.

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    Freshwater Photos

    Stunning images of freshwater landscapes and life show the surprising diversity of brilliant colors and unexpected subjects.

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  • Photo: Sandra Postel

    Meet Freshwater Heroes

    Read more about folks who've taken their passion for water and turned it into programs and projects that benefit us, the quality of critical water sources and habitats, and the planet.

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  • Photo: Iguaçu Falls

    National Geographic Magazine

    Everyday wonders reflect the primacy of water. Read more from National Geographic magazine about water's critical role in the health of humanity and the planet.

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  • How Much Water Per Pound?

    How much water does it take to put beef, pork, wheat, and more on your plate? Explore our newest interactive and find out.

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  • Freshwater Videos

    See water and freshwater life in action, and hear stories from people who, like you, are connected to water every day through ritual, household use, and conservation.

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Support a Water Project

Use National Geographic's Action Atlas to immerse yourself in improving the planet's freshwater resources and protecting its aquatic species.

  • Photo: Rio Pinquen river

    Amazon Headwaters

    Help protect this watershed--for the species that live there and the livelihoods that depend on it.

  • Photo: Person holding a crocodile

    Cambodia's Crocodiles

    Help give the endangered Siamese croc a fighting chance by combating hunting and habitat loss.

  • Photo: Pennsylvania farmland

    The Chesapeake Bay

    Help stem the tide of pollution flowing into the Bay and smothering aquatic species.

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    Arizona Irrigators Share Water

    Farmers Use New Technology to Help the Environment

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Help Save the Colorado River

You can help restore freshwater ecosystems by pledging to cut your water footprint. For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River. Text "River" to 77177 or click here:

From National Geographic Magazine


Check out this infographic and learn how you can conserve water and save the Colorado River, as well as other freshwater ecosystems.

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