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  • Picture of Sir Flinders Petrie

    Great Innovators in Archaeology

    Meet some of science's most important movers and shakers—from past and present.

  • <p>Photo: Zeb Hogan holding a large fish</p>

    Megafishes Project

    The unprecedented use of fresh water has led to the declining populations of these aquatic giants. Learn more about these big fish before they disappear.

  • Image: Hidden Water Interactive screenshot

    Hidden Water Interactive

    How much water does it take to put a hamburger on your plate? Explore our newest interactive and find out how much H2O it takes to complete even the most menial tasks.

Help Us Save the Colorado River

You can help restore freshwater ecosystems by pledging to cut your water footprint. For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River.

Freshwater Advocates

  1. Picture of Peter McBride in Kenya

    Freshwater Hero: Pete McBride

    Pete is a photographer and visual storyteller with an emphasis on freshwater conservation.

  2. sandra new headshot.jpg

    Sandra Postel

    Sandra is a leading authority on international freshwater issues and is spearheading our global freshwater efforts.

  3. Photo: Osvel Hinojosa Huerta

    Osvel Hinojosa Huerta

    For more than 15 years, Osvel Hinojosa Huerta has been resurrecting Mexico's Colorado River Delta wetlands.

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  1. Verde River

    Smarter Irrigation Returns Water to River

    Arizona's Verde River gets a boost from an innovative partnership.

  2. Verde-cliffs.jpg

    Arizona Irrigators Share Water

    Farmers in the Verde River Basin employ new technology to benefit a desert environment.

  3. life-without-water-is-awkward.jpg

    Life Without Water Is Awkward

    Funny viral video series hopes to get people thinking about the importance of water.

National Geographic Magazine

  1. The Florida manatee is thriving in Kings Bay, and so is tourism.

    Manatees Pictures

    The Florida manatee is thriving in Kings Bay, and so is tourism. Therein lies the problem.

  2. A mahogany sculpture in a park in the timber hub of Pucallpa symbolizes the tree’s importance.

    New Photos: Red Gold

    Inside the Amazon's rush on mahogany, a threatened tree.

  3. Photo: Roughnecks remove pipe sections

    The New Oil Landscape

    The fracking frenzy in North Dakota has boosted the U.S. fuel supply—but at what cost?

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