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  • colorado river map

    Interactive Colorado River Map

    Explore one of the most contested and carefully controlled rivers on Earth. See how its diversions, dams, and drought have altered river flow and threaten to change the lives of millions of people.

  • A levee protects a home surrounded by floodwater in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

    Biggest Freshwater Floods

    The Mississippi River floods are just drops in the bucket compared to known "megafloods" of the past two million years, experts say.

  • A tagged tomcod collected from the Hudson River.

    Hudson River Fish Evolve Toxic PCB Immunity

    Bottom-feeding fish in the Hudson River have developed a gene that renders them immune to the toxic effects of PCBs, according to new research.

  • grand-canyon.jpg

    Blog: Why Rivers Need to Flow Again

    A new study finds that 86 percent of U.S. rivers are impaired, with many no longer flowing the way they're supposed to—and that's changing the mix of fish and other organisms that call them home.

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