Restoring Rivers

Rivers and their tributaries are the veins of the planet, pumping freshwater to wetlands, lakes and the sea and supporting thousands of species, including us. Learn more about these critical aquatic ecosystems and how to protect and restore them.

Reducing Footprints

Lower your water footprint by making small changes to your dishwashing, gardening, eating, and consumption habits. Then see how local conservation connects to the preservation of rivers and wetlands globally. Visit our water footprint calculator.

New to Freshwater?

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    Where Is Earth's Freshwater?

    Use this National Geographic magazine map and find out where the planet's 9.25 million trillion gallons are stored.

  • Photo: Glen Canyon and Lake Powell

    Freshwater 101

    Learn the basics of freshwater and why it's so important to our planet. Not only is the human body 60 percent water, the resource is also essential for producing food, clothing, and computers, moving our waste stream, and keeping us and the environment healthy.

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    Freshwater 101 Quiz

    Where does water sit around the globe? How is it used to produce everyday goods? Test your knowledge about freshwater.

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    The Freshwater Crisis

    The world's freshwater resources play a crucial role in feeding, powering, and sustaining all life, but they're not infinite—or invulnerable. Learn what's at stake.

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    A Freshwater Story Interactive

    Earth is a water wealthy planet, but only a tiny portion of its water is available to support people and aquatic species. Learn more about how much freshwater there is, and where it's found.

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    Dams and Engineering

    Freshwater is critical to the global food supply. Learn how technology today can help protect this invaluable resource.

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    Freshwater and Energy

    Energy and water are inextricably linked. Understanding this energy-water nexus can help shine a light on our dependency on both and lead us toward conservation.

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    How Much Water Per Pound?

    How much water does it take to put beef, pork, wheat, and more on your plate? Explore our water footprint interactive and find out.

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    Freshwater Resources

    Looking for more information? There are hundreds of local, national, and global organizations working to restore natural river flows and help use reduce our water use. Visit our list of partners and collaborators to learn more and get involved.

Help Save the Colorado River

You can help restore freshwater ecosystems by pledging to cut your water footprint. For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River.

Freshwater Advocates

  • Picture of Peter McBride in Kenya

    Freshwater Hero: Pete McBride

    Pete is a photographer and visual storyteller with an emphasis on freshwater conservation.

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    Sandra Postel

    Sandra is a leading authority on international freshwater issues and is spearheading our global freshwater efforts.

  • Photo: Osvel Hinojosa Huerta

    Osvel Hinojosa Huerta

    For more than 15 years, Osvel Hinojosa Huerta has been resurrecting Mexico's Colorado River Delta wetlands.

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Change the Course Infographic


Check out this infographic and learn how you can conserve water and save the Colorado River, as well as other freshwater ecosystems.

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Water Currents, by Sandra Postel and Others

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