Meet Sandra Postel, founder of the Global Water Policy Project and National Geographic's Freshwater Fellow. Ms. Postel is recognized as one of the world's most respected authorities on freshwater issues and is hailed for her "inspiring, innovative, and practical approach" to promoting the preservation and sustainable use of Earth’s freshwater.

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  • Photo: A zinnia hybrid flower

    Patterns in Nature

    Enjoy close-up photos of a variety of flowers, trees, leaves, cacti, and even flowering moss from around the world.

  • Photo: Geysers and mineral pools of Nevada's Black Rock Desert

    Photo Gallery: Desert Landscapes

    Discover dunes and dive into seas of sand from Australia to the Middle East and beyond in this gallery dedicated to Earth’s most barren landscapes.

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    Photos: Fire "Tornadoes" Explained

    "Firenadoes"—such as the one filmed recently in the Australian Outback—aren't rare, just rarely reported, an expert says.

  • A sunny, woodland path runs uphill through colorful trees

    Autumn Colors

    Fall into riotous hues and changing landscapes with this collection of autumn photos from National Geographic website visitors.

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The World's Water

  • change-the-course-dry-co.jpg

    Help Save the Colorado River

    NG's new Change the Course campaign launches. When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin.

  • water-grabs-mali-4x3.jpg

    Water Grabbers: A Global Rush on Freshwater

    A special series on how grabbing water from poor people and future generations threatens global food security, environmental sustainability, and local cultures.

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