Ubbo Emmius Herbie Eco-marathon

Photograph courtesy Team Ubbo Emmius

Shell Eco-marathon Europe People's Choice Contest

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School: Ubbo Emmius (Netherlands)

Team: Team Ubbo Emmius

Car Name: Herbie (Battery Electric Prototype category)

What is special about your car? The fact that we are a high school does not hold us back from doing the best we can with a low budget. Our vehicle was initially a bicycle. We modified it to a working car that consumes electric energy. Our vehicle has a very special embedded motor: a hub motor. Also, we have chosen the Michelin tires that make our car more energy efficient, and made a transparent, aerodynamic cover.  Our sponsors are our main source of income and we decided to sell body parts of our vehicle. Herbie was made by eight people and we are very proud of this!

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? We did not just compete in Shell Eco-marathon. Fuel efficiency is an important subject for everyone. A lot of our team members are busy getting their driving license, and we know that if things stay the way they are now we will not be able to drive for a long period after we got our license. We want to show the world that even though we are a small team and a have low budget we can change something about this important topic.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? Because of this worldwide problem we felt like we could do something about this. Together with all the other teams we first heard about we wanted to make a change. To show people, we can work this problem out. We had a great time during the Shell Eco-marathon event and we hope that we inspired other people to make the world a better and more energy efficient place.

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