Óbuda University Banki car Eco-marathon

Photograph courtesy SAP Racing Team

Shell Eco-marathon Europe People's Choice Contest

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School: Óbuda University Donat Banki Faculty of Safety and Engineering (Hungary)

Team: SAP Racing Team

Car Name: Banki 06 (Gasoline Prototype category)

What is special about your car? We were building this car for three years. Basically the body is monocoque carbon fiber, which has been made by the students, this technology is great light but very expensive and polluting—but the carbon fiber monocoque carbon fiber is a great technological further step.

What is more special: that we have designed a CAN BUS system into the car. This system is self-starting the car when its speed is under 12 km/h and sees the RPM and the speed of the car, and the road as well and switches off the engine when it's fast enough to set it rolling on the road.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? This is complex—this is important because we can study and develop a lot how to get to the efficiency, and we hope that in the future we will reach our aim, and people won't drive a high-consumption car alone, for that they will use something we develop.

Secondly, personally I hope one day everybody will learn from our and the other schools' and students' trials.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? It was not only one thing. First of all, the techological developments in our world, if we do not learn by our products—like an eco car—we will never be able to work in industries, or just as in the paperwork office, even any software engineer needs to know what the industry looks like inside.

To learn teamwork—this is not so easy to some of us.

If a team like this works well, it circulates beetween the students, so this was really how people can find friends, and her/his profession in the future.

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