Inholland University of Applied Sciences Team Apollo Eco-marathon

Photograph courtesy Team Apollo

Shell Eco-marathon Europe People's Choice Contest

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School: Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

Team: Team Apollo - Stichting Rootbox

Car Name: Apollo (Ethanol Prototype category)

What is special about your car? The Apollo is modular with Anemo. In May the Apollo frame (with an engine) is attached to the monocoque body for the SEM2013 but in August it is replaced for a frame with a wind turbine, to compete in another competition (Racing Aeolus). So we have 1 car for 2 student competitions; 1 ethanol-energy and 1 wind-energy.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? Besides creating awareness, the fact that the car is built with sustainable alternative materials like cork, bio-resin and bamboo and that the carbon-footprint is halved by the modularity, is that most student in the team study aeronautical engineering. We like to look for the most efficient solutions and optimize to the edge.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? The organization of Shell Eco-marathon 2013, perfectly organized! And mostly the other teams. Along the way to the Eco-marathon you see photos/clips of the other teams on Facebook and you really see the engineering spirit with some of them. A low budget, just not enough resources and making all the parts by yourself, keep finding solutions with what you have. That is what inspired us the most towards but also during SEM2013.

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