Team Orion's Pegaso Eco-marathon car

Photograph courtesy Team Orion

Shell Eco-marathon Europe People's Choice Contest

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School: Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Viseu (Portugal)

Team: Orion

Car Name: Pégaso (Gasoline Prototype category)

What is special about your car? Our car has a unique ergonomic design. In order to help pilot driving, our car is improved by a tactile console and a reactive control system to fulfil navigation parameters established for Shell Eco-marathon competition. Our car has an electronic injection system which is programmed to achieve the best engine performance. It also has a special free wheel system developed by our team to ensure no contact between the mechanical engine components and the wheels, when the engine is off.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? The fuel efficiency is important to limit the consumption of energy to produce the same work. The reduction of natural resources, given the demand for fuel in recent years, has made the cost of their consumption to extremely high values. Thus the efficiency of fuels is essential for our team.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? The team was inspired to develop a project that simultaneously can be used to make in practice technologies acquired in their plan of studies and can be used as a way to improve processes to limit earth energy resources. Students of different courses and schools could interchange experiences and technologies with each other outside school halls and with other students of different school countries.

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