Eindhoven University of Technology Eco-marathon car

Photograph courtesy TU/ecomotive

Shell Eco-marathon Europe People's Choice Contest

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School: Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)

Team: TU/ecomotive

Car Name: EM Zero-1 "Penny" (Battery Electric Urban Concept category)

What is special about your car? The EM Zero-1, or "Penny," as we would like to call her, has proven herself by driving under every condition during the SEM 2013. While others stranded, Penny kept on going, even during the heavy rain on Friday. She drove over 100 kilometers at the Eco-marathon without any breakdowns or malfunction. She has been built in three weeks by three students costing little over 10,000 euros. With her original angled design, her metal looks and gull wing door, Penny has proven herself as a fan favorite.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? Fuel efficiency is important to our team because it is one of the biggest challenges in our world. We realize that in order to maintain the quality of mobility at this current level, we have to change. Mankind has enabled itself to communicate and transport, now it is time to ensure its future. In addition to this, reducing toxic gases in our atmosphere is a major contribution to our quality of life. TU/ecomotive aims to build a car that shows that energy efficiency on the public road is not necessarily as far away and as expensive as men would think.

Who or what inspired you on the way to the Eco-marathon? The current variety of vehicles on the road is built to be attractive and sell well. TU/ecomotive wants to show that, when starting from the vantage point of efficiency instead of marketing, it is possible to build a car that is much more efficient. As a reference, we have taken the Renault Twizy: trendy, electric, small but quite practical. The inability of car manufacturers to realize that efficiency is more relevant than marketing has given us the inspiration to inspire them. Eventually TU/ecomotive aims to build a car that is both road-legal and competitive in Eco-marathon.

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