Blue Devil Racing from Brockport High School entered Broctimus Prime in Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013

Photograph courtesy Blue Devil Racing

School: Brockport High School

Team: Blue Devil Racing

Car Name: Broctimus Prime (Battery Electric Prototype category)

What is special about your car? Our team consists of high school seniors that completely designed and constructed our electric car. Since the start of school in September, we have been working on this car between two technology classes, so communication was crucial. Despite disagreements, we were able to complete a project that everyone was content with. We were very dedicated and even stayed late into the night to finish our car. When we arrived in Houston, our brakes did not work. After 23 hours of modifications, our brakes were finally functional. Despite all of the bumps along the way, we persevered and ended up on the leader board.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? Our team cares about fuel and energy efficiency because we know that these resources will not be around forever. We realize that we need to find alternative energy sources that do not harm our environment. By participating in Shell Eco-marathon, we were able to contribute our ideas to the communities around the world. With full scale versions of the cars that were entered, we could have energy and fuel efficient cars all around the world. By brainstorming new energy sources, we are not only helping our communities now, we are saving our future.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? Our team was inspired by our technology teacher, Mr. Coon. Mr. Coon assisted us throughout the year and challenged us with this new competition. Mr. Coon spent hours working alongside us while we built our car. Funds were brought in from a grant that Mr. Coon wrote for us, and from our t-shirt printing business, which he set up in our classroom. He actively supports us in our decisions and offers advice on how to improve our projects. He takes interest in our futures and provides us with the basic building blocks of the world of science and technology.

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