Alden Conger Yielder ran in 2013's Shell Eco-marathon Americas.

Photograph courtesy Alden Conger Knights

School: Alden Conger High School

Team: Knights

Car Name: The Yielder #45 (Ethanol Prototype category)

What is special about your car? One special thing about our car is its use of ethanol.  Locally grown product from the rural parts of Alden- Conger's district goes into making the ethanol. Local ethanol and biodiesel refineries also support us. The local Corn Belt farmers of Alden-Conger contribute to the ethanol production. There are many advantageous things about ethanol. It is renewable, it supports local farmers, and it recycles carbon dioxide from the air, unlike fully petroleum-based fuels. Another special feature of our car is the use of carbon fiber and aluminum conjoined to maximize strength while decreasing weight. Our car is funded by local business. The team seeks sponsorships and rewards donors with a picture of the team and advertising space on the cars. We could not do what we have without them.

Why is fuel efficiency important to your team? Fuel efficiency is important to our team, because with the rise of fuel prices it takes money away from other things that families and individuals could spend, such as food and medical expenses. In addition, the world supply of fossil fuels is being depleted and we need more efficient ways of using them. The more efficient a car is, the less greenhouse gases are produced, which will help in stopping or slowing of global warming. The other main reason is that the contest is which car gets the best miles per gallon.

Who or what inspired you on the way to Eco-marathon? What drives us to come to Shell Eco-marathon is our advisor David Bosma, parents, and sponsors. Our advisor is willing to be there night and day, and keeps everyone very productive. The completion of bigger schools also drives us, with 500 students K- 12 with class sizes of about 30. Bigger schools can be intimidating but going and winning against the big school is another drive toward doing well in Eco-marathon.

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