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Great Energy Challenge Innovator: PEG Ghana

Project: World class after-sales customer support for solar in Ghana

Location: Greater Accra, Eastern, Volta, Ashanti, Western, Afram Plains, and Central Regions of Ghana

Summary: Building on the success created by Impact Energies, which was funded by the Great Energy Challenge in 2012, PEG Ghana is setting up a 24-hour call center to handle customer concerns and technical issues for its metered Pay As You Go solar home systems. The call center is supported with sophisticated software that provides call center agents with the customer data (including real time usage data from the solar system that customers are using) about their product use. Access to this data allows the call center staff to solve customer issues via phone instead of having to travel long distances to see the rural customer in-person (and spend large amounts of time and money to get there). The call center is instrumental in allowing PEG Ghana Solar to provide quality service to its rapidly expanding customer base. (See an interview with founder Hugh Whalan and visit PEG Ghana's Facebook page)

Goal: To provide the best after-sales service practices for solar customers in West Africa

Project Participants: Hugh Whalan, CEO; Nate Heller, COO

The Great Energy Challenge grant program, in collaboration with a distinguished group of scientists acting as the board of advisors, awards roughly a half-dozen grants per year. The goal of the grant program is to hasten the growth of promising, global energy solutions as a response to climate change, energy resource constraints and environmental limitations.

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