Energy Solutions for Environmental Challenges

Deforestation, air pollution, water shortage and waste accumulation are just a few environmental problems facing communities around the world. Through entrepreneurship and sustainable efforts, the Great Energy Challenge worked to address these challenges.

Innovative solutions included solar repair via remote monitoring to reduce maintenance costs in Ghana; cultivation of productive Arenga Sugar Palm to protect forests and generate biofuels in Indonesia; and paper recycling for insulation to alleviate the burning of fuel wood for heating in Pakistan.

For roughly six years, the Great Energy Challenge provided early-stage funding for entrepreneurs delivering and/or developing energy-based solutions. With a goal to support promising, global energy solutions as a response to energy resource constraints, environmental limitations and climate change, the Great Energy Challenge awarded grants to 34 organizations working in 22 countries around the world. See previously awarded grants.

As of June 2016, we will no longer be awarding grants through the Great Energy Challenge, but we will continue to support sustainable, innovative solutions through other National Geographic grants programs. To learn more about these programs, visit us at:

@NatGeoEnergy on Twitter

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The Great Energy Challenge

The Great Energy Challenge is an important National Geographic initiative designed to help all of us better understand the breadth and depth of our current energy situation.

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