• A guard watches over a new drilling rig site in western Pennsylvania.

    Special Report: Great Shale Gas Rush

    Shale drilling has unlocked one of the largest reservoirs of natural gas in the world. It could boost jobs and shake up the energy equation. Can this resource be developed sustainably?

  • photo: an electric plant in Spain

    Solar Energy: Plugging Into the Sun

    Sunlight bathes us in far more energy than we could ever need—if we could just catch enough. Join National Geographic writer George Johnson on a journey through PV panels, solar arrays, and... well, the solar system.

  • <p>1415.jpg</p>

    Energy Conservation: It Starts at Home

    National Geographic magazine writer Peter Miller tracks his carbon dioxide emissions and impact on the planet as he and his wife put themselves on a carbon diet.  The average U.S. household produces about 150 pounds of CO2 a day, but the Millers were aiming for 30. See how they did.


  • Syncrude upgrader and tailings pond at sunset, Fort McMurray, Canada.

    Special Issue: Repowering the Planet

    For 120 years National Geographic has covered the natural environment that sustains our lives. Now our planet is threatened by humanity's bond with fossil fuels. This special issue of National Geographic explores the challenge ahead.

  • energy-canadian-oil-sands.jpg

    The Canadian Oil Boom: Scraping Bottom

    Once considered too expensive, as well as too damaging to the land, exploitation of Alberta's oil sands is now a gamble worth billions. National Geographic Editor Robert Kunzig explores oil sand extraction and its environmental dilemmas.

  • energy-coalplant.jpg

    Essay: Our Energy Challenge

    "Twenty years ago, if people thought of global warming at all, it was as an unlikely and distant threat. Five years ago most people hadn't heard of peak oil," writes Bill McKibben in NG's special energy issue.  "Now they are the twin jaws of a closing vise..." Read more about the challenges we face.

  • energy-coal-seam-fire.jpg

    Essay: The Price of Power

    In the National Geographic magazine's special energy issue writer Michelle Nijhuis ponders the coal paradox—how a cheap, easily accessible energy source can wreak environmental havoc.

  • energy-wind-turbines.jpg

    Essay Paths to the Future

    Bill McKibben writes about the promise of renewables and energy technologies, as well as the importance of conservation,  in National Geographic's special energy issue.

  • Photo: Steven Chu

    Interview With Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

    Steven Chu, the nation's new Secretary of Energy, speaks with noted science writer Michelle Nijhuis. "We're in a war," he says, "to save our planet."

  • energy-biofuels-interactive.jpg

    Biofuels: Green Dreams

    In theory, burning a tank of ethanol could make driving even an Indy car carbon neutral. But the operative word is "could." Producing corn ethanol consumes just about as much fossil fuel as the ethanol itself replaces. Biodiesel from soybeans and sugar cane fares only slightly better. Read more about both the challenges and benefits of biodiesel.

  • energy-world-oil.jpg

    Tapped Out: World Oil

    World oil demand is surging as supplies approach their limits, but forecasts of peak oil are highly controversial—not because anyone thinks oil will last forever, but because no one really knows how much oil remains underground and thus how close we are to reaching the halfway point. Learn more.

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  • wood-stove-decathlon-vin.jpg

    Inside the Wood Stove Decathlon

    The Wood Stove Decathlon anointed winners this week in a competition aimed at sparking new ideas for an age-old heating method. Video.

  • The Wood Stove Decathlon starting Thursday in Washington, D.C. seeks to spur ideas for a new generation of high-tech efficient wood stoves. Video.

    Wood Stove Decathlon Underdogs?

    The Wood Stove Decathlon starting Thursday in Washington, D.C. seeks to spur ideas for a new generation of high-tech efficient wood stoves. Video.


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