• Picture of BedZED zero energy development in England

    Earth Day Pictures: Extreme Green Buildings

    From an Algae-Powered Structure to Certified Living Buildings

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Earth Day

In 1970 smog choked major U.S. cities and toxic waste flooded rivers. That same year nearly 20 million Americans participated in events on April 22, spearheaded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, to draw attention to the environmental issues plaguing the planet and human health. Named Earth Day, April 22 has remained a time to celebrate restoration and stand up for the planet.

More About Earth Day

  • Photo: Student in gas mask smelling a flower.

    The First Earth Day

    See pictures of rallies, concerts, bell-bottoms, and gas masks from the first Earth Day in 1970.

  • A volunteer transplants coral for a 2010 Earth Day celebration.

    The Truth About Earth Day

    This year a billion are expected to mark Earth Day, which some suspect is anti-capitalist. Go behind the subject of today's Google Doodle.

  • Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: Satellite picture of Bombetoka Bay, Madagascar

    20 Great Earth Day Pictures

    Auroras, glaciers, and gullies feature among the most stunning pictures of Earth from space, chosen by National Geographic photo editors for Earth Day 2011.

  • green-crested-lizard.jpg

    Biodiversity: Saving Lives

    On Earth Day, U.S. leaders reflect on what's at stake.

  • National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    Sustainability at National Geographic

    The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability. Learn more about the Society's green philosophy and initiatives.

  • Photo: Hibiscus flower petals

    Patterns in Nature

    Beautiful photos highlight the wonders of our world.

  • A worker plants a mangrove tree at a conservation garden in Jakarta to mark Earth Day in 2009.

    How Has Earth Day Evolved?

    When Earth Day turned 40, National Geographic News took a look at how the once-grassroots Earth Day is now taking root on the Web.

  • Photo: Kantega Peak, Everest, Himalayan mountains, Nepal

    Earth Day Tips: For the Planet and You

    Learn some tips for things you can do on Earth Day (and every day) to improve the environment.

  • Photo: Aerial view of Earth Day sand sculptures

    Earth Day Stunts

    An undersea cleaning party and the world's largest baked Alaska join the ranks of oddball events held on Earth Days past.

  • Photo: House

    Spring Cleaning

    Give your home a green makeover with Green Guide's new room-by-room interactive, with tips, quizzes, and calculators to help you cut down on energy consumption, water use, and waste.

  • Photo: kids standing in front of a whiteboard

    School Greening Contest Winners

    See the winners of the "Find Your Footprint" competition. The winning ideas will help schools reduce waste and save water and energy.

Water Currents

  1. Verde River

    Smarter Irrigation Returns Water to River

    Arizona's Verde River gets a boost from an innovative partnership.

  2. Verde-cliffs.jpg

    Arizona Irrigators Share Water

    Farmers in the Verde River Basin employ new technology to benefit a desert environment.

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The Ocean

  1. Photo: Fish schooled into a vortex


    Learn about making the right seafood choices, get inspired by our ocean heroes, and get tips on how you can help save the ocean.

  2. Image: Marine food chain

    Seafood Decision Guide

    Learn how to eat healthy while lowering your seafood footprint.

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The Great Energy Challenge

  1. ec-100.jpg

    Personal Energy Meter

    See how you measure up, and find out how making simple changes at home can help.

  2. An incandescent light bulb.

    Light Bulb Savings Calculator

    How much can you save yourself, and the world, by switching to more efficient bulbs?

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The World's Water

  1. change-the-course-dry-co.jpg

    Help Save the Colorado River

    NG's new Change the Course campaign launches. When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin.

  2. water-grabs-mali-4x3.jpg

    Water Grabbers: A Global Rush on Freshwater

    A special series on how grabbing water from poor people and future generations threatens global food security, environmental sustainability, and local cultures.

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